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8Be a responsible adult

Choose who you will become after this divorce. Set short-, medium-, and long-term goals for yourself and your family. You have the possibility to start over. Leave the past behind. No more complaining or blaming.

The present is important. Decide, starting from today, who you want to be and what is needed to get there.

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Constructive communication…

…here’s a solution: 2houses provides an opportunity for clear, full, and changing communication between ex-spouses that is free from all emotional charges, in the strict interest of their children.

Children must always feel that they are supervised by parents who are attentive to and aware of their scholastic and extracurricular activities, health, and so on.

2houses is an extraordinary way to enable parents to continue managing their joint child-rearing responsibilities. It offers precise management of expenses and a customisable parenting schedule that the children may also consult.

2houses helps parents to carry out their parental responsibilities serenely, in the absence of an emotionally charged context. That, in any event is how various family dispute specialists – lawyers, judges, psychologists, and teachers – see it.

Catherine Henry, lawyer and family mediator